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On our homapage we try to give a short account in headlines an the actual financing opportunities and constructions, and about their economic aspects. And we also would like to be of help to you to take the preliminary and the main steps of the entering into contracts.

Main scopes of activities

  • Guidiance in economic and financing

  • Direct leasing representation

  • Elaboration and licensing of the leasing constructions

  • Trading mediation and retailing of new and second-hand cars

  • Transacting and financing of EU-purchases


After the examination of our homepage please do not hesitate to contact us personally or send your name and phonenumber via e-mail from our "offer-asking" page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

About Us


The Forgó and Co. Ltd. is the general legal successor of the Forgó and Co. Deposit Company. We keep the two decades’ experience and the professional connexions of the legal predecessor. But by the turning into an other company form we can develop more dynamically in a wider area.


Several thousand customers, several billion HUF of lending out interest, almost one billion HUF income from own cartrade.

What can we offer for you? Why is it worth you to work with us?
Because we offer you the following...

  • On every area of financial resources we elaborate the best possible financing constructions according to the demand of the clients for free

  • We are partners of the determinative participants of the Hungarian leasing market

  • We provide the necessary trading background

  • On the basis of our economic stability we are able to provide the appropriate financial compromises for the period between the purchase of the vehicle and the realisation of the final financing construction.

  • We are able to help with the direct financing of the resources from the whole area of the EU

  • We have no limits (nor value of resources neither place of origin), we are able to satisfy the rational demands

In what cases is it worth to contact us?
If you...

  • Would like to finance or lease a lorry, a bus, a printing machine, a standard building machine, a trailer, a barrow, standard tools, medical equipments.

Professional background

  • Managing directors
    Ervin Forgó: managing director, transport engineer. German C1, English B2. In the 1980s he was the first to deal independently with international transport. From 1987 he promoted the interests of several European Leading companies, for example: Spitzer Silo half-trailer, Magyar Tanker half-trailer, Chereau Insulated half-trailer. From 1992 he has been the leader of the Forgó and Co. Deposti Sompany. He published several articles on leasing and trading.
    Forgóné Schmidt Éva: managing director, business administrator, chartered accountant, chartered tax advisor. She is the expert of the top managemet and corporate enterprise’s financial and accountancy issues.

  • Recognised technical, economic and legal authorities, and our partners help us to solve the problems exceeding our specialization in short time and effectively.


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